“A stone submarine sinking to the depths of the ocean. A pitch black dome with all the sky’s constellations laid out upon it. A still pool of water with a single shining coin at the centre. At times it seems like Stereoscope is a film in auditory form. It’s a collection of moments, captured in thick rippling sound. Speaking voices arise from the surface of the music, wreathed in crackles and pops. It is at once richly organic & precisely synthetic, with Heckish butts of static noise revolving stereoscopically around the observer.”   - Jake Bornheimer (Weird Canada)

Stereoscope is the freshman album of Vancouver based musician, Max Greening; released on Bottle Imp Productions in November 2014.                                     Mastered by Trevor Case.

Obtain physical and digital copies of stereoscope: Bandcamp / Itunes / Spotify / Soundbutt / Wyrd Distro